New song and video time! This time I did I cover of my favorite Elvis Costello song, "You Belong To Me," from my favorite Elvis Costello and The Attractions album, This Year's Model. I love the nasty grungy weird mess of it; the sound of a filthy merry-go-round at a suspect carnival is my best verbal approximation.

Every good mess of a song deserves a good mess of a video, too!

Please to enjoy an analysis from The Disgraced Ghost Of Bruno Bettelheim (courtesy WN):

ja, vat ve have found here i sink you vill agree iz very interesting.

we see ze young woman, let uz call her "Barbie." innocent und pure, with
ze free hanging bosom. she iz you could zay symbolic of ze first woman,
untouched by ze corruption of the verld. zat iz until she
encounters "Ken." Ken is vearing clothes, becuz he iz ashamed of hiz nature und it iz thiz very shame that causes him to be so eazily distracted by ze lure of the camera. Ken seeks comfort in the superfizial glamor und wants it awl to himself. ve are happy to find however that Barbie iz nussing to be trifled with, ja. she makes short verk of Ken und sends him
packing back to hiz place of origin. I personally suzpect that that iz Berlin. i sink you know vat i mean by zat. cough

now we zee anozer drawn in, anozer is tempted by ze camera, anozer wantz zome of zat. but
zis time it iz von of Barbie’s own, a voman. but uz viewers ve should
recognize ze danger here, as zis voman appears to be part fish. she too
haz been corrupted by the ugly verld and she too vill try und fool ze
Barbie into beliving that zhe is adored und loved, but nussink is adored
und loved more by ze Ken und ze fish voman zen ze camera. und ze fish tries to take ze place of ze Barbie, but again! ve are so pleased to see zat as vulnerable az she is, Barbie is
no valk over. she vill not be pushed up und down und around forever. zo
ze fish voman too must also be banished. back to vatever radioactive puddle she crawled out of.

vell afta all zat the Barbie's spirit iz broken, ja. betrayed by ze male
und ze female, she iz now hardened and clozed for business. a stream of
lesser creatures try for ze Barbie, but she haz learned, nein, all zings
are suzpect. she pushes away. NEIN NEIN NEIN! za
Barbie says.

Barbie, like ze carrot, haz been buried und stuck in ze Schieße. but ze
carrot cannot ztay stuck in ze muck for long! no, ze carrot must shake
loose of its dirt prison. it must be released und jus like ze carrot,
Barbie, once so very buried, has freed herzelf to vunce again be free
and open and vonderful.

zo, ve see ze struggle, und ve zee the overcoming and strength of ze
bright spirit within. it iz always zere, und ja, zere are others jus
like you. if you keep trying you might learn zomethin about yourself und
find vat you vere looking for all along. i sink there iz a vonderful
lesson in there for all of uz and it is my privilege to prezent to you
this video, recently unearthed and destined to be egzahmint in ze
classrooms of ze mind all over the verld for eons to come - Barbie und
Friends. enjoy!

The song will be up on iTunes and Amazon and all the other sale places soon. This cracks me up a whole lot.

Fun! Have it!