Before I began this blog and even though I grew up as Farmy McMoo, I had NO IDEA about GOATS. I was utterly clueless about the noises they could produce and that they often seem completely unhinged and that Saudis have goat beauty contests. This has enriched my life immensely, and I hope yours as well via this site.

So as we are heading into another holiday season full of diabetes-inducing sweets, diabolical weather, clanging bell ringers, and pine tree slaughter I had this thought: what could I do to honor this newfound goat appreciation and ameliorate my general scorn of the season and do some actual good? A reader of this site pointed me in the direction of Heifer International. Yes, I know a heifer is a cow and not a goat; hang in there with me a second, smartypants. They are a great organization that runs successful programs around the world to end hunger and poverty, while being environmentally- and culturally-responsible. They are doing something good, and I am going to help.

From their site:

The gift of a dairy goat represents a lasting, meaningful way for you to help a little boy or girl on the other side of the world.

Goats can thrive in extreme climates and on poor, dry land by eating grass and leaves. The gift of a dairy goat can supply a family with up to several quarts of nutritious milk a day - a ton of milk a year. Extra milk can be sold or used to make cheese, butter or yogurt. Families learn to use goat manure to fertilize gardens.

Goats often have two or three kids a year making it easy for Heifer recipients to pass on the gift of a goat to another family in need. This great investment allows our partners to lift themselves out of poverty by starting small dairies that earn money for food, health care and education.

! Click on that there, and it will take you to The Donation Page of Marianne and Friends of D. I. and Goats. It takes $120 to purchase a goat through this program, and I have already kickstarted the fund with 20 bucks. If just ten more of you could click on "GOAT" and enter a payment of ten bucks each...WE GOT A GOAT! It's easy to do (you can even choose to pay via your amazon.com account if you have one) and I would be thrilled if through the absurdities and veers of life that a funny goat could go from Diarrhea Island to a a needy family far from these mucky shores.

In advance thanks, here are some more goat videos for you to ponder and enjoy.