You down with Visitor One-Oh-Three (Yeah you know me)
Who's down with One-Oh-Three? (This whole party)

That's me, Visitor 103. Last day at the rehab hospital. Early tomorrow morning, riding into the sun on I-94, I am off to the Milwaukee airport and back to Seattle-ish. My family member is doing well, and will move to another hospital for a few more days, hopefully continuing to receive more excellent care. My job here as cheerleader,companion,comedian,and compadre is not as critical as it was 10 days ago when the injury occurred. With some mixed feelings, I am now excused.

Now I decompress, from my identity as Ever-Vigilant and Vivacious Visitor 103 to just me again. I don't know exactly how that is going to go, when I might relax my shoulders, when I might not startle at the phone ringing, when I might be able to put more trust in people from such a long distance away.

But I will. I have to. Any relative or friend who has been in this situation has to at some point just go back to normal life. Shit happens, eh?


Do you know me? I was Visitor 103.