The top headlines from, 1PM PDT, 7/2/09:

Latest News

* Kids with autism graduate, achieve dreams
* Air France plane crashed intact, report says
* Captured U.S. soldier reportedly sold to clan
* Attacks, arrests slowing online news from Iran
* Biden visits Iraq for Fourth of July weekend
* 'Major operation' under way in Afghanistan
* FAA whistle-blowers usually right, probe finds
* CNNMoney: Job market takes turn for worse
* Ticker: Governor blasted for 'indecent exposure'
* Miracle plane crash survivor 'doing well'
* Does photo found in cell show children's grave?
* Police: Mom tossed infant down portable toilet
* Lady Liberty's crown reopening for July 4
* Missing girl's mom to take polygraph
* KTRK: Daycare hides kids in shed, closet
* Disco tune saves man's life
* Sitter, boyfriend charged with killing tot
* $280,000 new home lacks electricity
* SI: Venus, Serena to face off at Wimbledon
* Reporter covers Wimbledon, from afar
* CNN Wire: Royal Air Force jet crashes in...

Out of 21, there are:

-- Six about children that are challenged, abused, or dead

-- Four about plane crashes

-- Four about war

-- One about the economy

-- One about a suspect government official

-- One about the Statue of Liberty

-- One about some disco song helping a guy

-- One about a house with no electricity

-- Two about Wimbledon

I think if you want to get the lead headline at CNN the thing to do is put an infant in the toilet of a fighter jet over Afghanistan, which is then discovered by a United States governor playing tennis in the plane aisle while wearing no pants and singing, "I Will Survive," thereby losing his job because it's on the taxpayers' dime, but he saves the baby, becomes a hero, gets re-elected in a landslide vote and holds a victory party holding the baby over the edge of the Statue of Liberty.