Phone calls in the very early morning, one learns as you go along, are never good news. Someone is drunk and needs a ride, there's some weather emergency. or someone is sick or worse. The phone rings, you are startled out of sleep, and there is a rush of adrenalin as you come to consciousness. You always hope for a wrong number instead, so you can just hang up, swear, and go back to sleep.

No such luck this morning. Back to the ER we go at 6AM, heart trouble. Stabilizing, and waiting, lots and lots of more waiting. More tests to answer more questions. Admitted back up to the cardiac unit, more new nurses and techs and doctors who seem to be unable to pull the previous day's records from their own system. Wondering why, and why now, with no hope of getting an answer, but wondering anyway.

I am supposed to go home tomorrow.

I am not going home tomorrow.

Nothing I can do but stay and wait, and avoid more wondering. So now I make the phone calls, to change my flight and cancel my own appointments and events back home.

Nothing I can do but that.