At the rehab hospital:

Jerry (age 78, in wheelchair): Irene?

Me: Me?

Jerry: Yeah.

Me: I'm Marianne.

Jerry: So, Irene, what do you do?

Me: Well, I like to write. What was your job, Jerry?

Jerry: Oh, I do taxes. Still do. Keeps the Alzheimer's away. Keeps it workin' for ya. (taps head)

Me: You are a numbers guy.

Jerry: I like photography too.

Me: Oh! That's a great thing. I used to be a photographer. What kind of pictures do you like to take?

Jerry: Everything. I have a Canon D40.

Me: Nice! I have the 20D.

Jerry: Just got Photoshop CS4. State-of-the-art.

Me: You are doing way better than me, Jerry. I still have CS2 and it's all corrupted.

Jerry: Just got a new program too, takes the stills and makes 'em move.

Me: Jerry, you are a numbers guy and a technology guy.

Jerry: That's how I roll.

Me: They are gonna roll you right out of that chair here, Jerry. They are gonna work ya!

Jerry: Better than new, Irene, better than new. Irene?

Me: Yes?

Jerry: You have fun now, OK?

Me: I will. Thanks.