I know the unpredictability of life has its downsides -- a van plowing into your car as you are taking your child to class, an icy windstorm that almost cancels Christmas, the OOGCP being out of Hairbender coffee beans -- but still, that very unpredictability is really what keeps me going. I just am so thrilled with the idea that I DON'T KNOW what is coming my way on any given day. Today was one of those days where there were many things that surprised me, and every one of them in a good way:

-- a nice journalist from a major women's magazine contacted me and asked if I might be interested in talking with her;

-- I rode in a beautiful fast speedboat on Lake Washington, and spent the day at a gorgeous home enjoying the company of new friends, talking about cars and music and kids and lakes and things;

-- I roasted a weenie over a fire pit;

-- I pet a sweet Rhodesian Ridgeback and he gently licked my hand twice in greeting;

-- I drank a really really good apricot ale;

-- I got some ice cream with MissSix, walked over to the beach with her and sat down on a bench and looked at her beautiful face, and she didn't make a mess with her cone at all;

-- fired up the computer when I got home, opened the email to find a presale code to get tickets to see The Flaming Lips here in Seattle-ish, after I was so disappointed to miss them by one day in Chicago because of travel plans.


So, talking with journalist tomorrow, kids are fast asleep, Flaming Lips tickets purchased, and I have a slight windburn on my face from the speedboat ride. Extra good day.

The Kinks -- "Good Day"