NO 4

Let me say this again, and be really clear: ADAM LAMBERT IS NOT ROCK N' ROLL.

I DON'T CARE IF HE IS ON THE COVER OF THE LATEST ROLLING STONE. Lady Gaga was on and she ain't rock n' roll either. Or Britney or the goddamn Eagles, for that matter.

Argh. Help me, someone!

Can he sing? Sure. Is he flashy and good-looking? I guess so. BUT. SIGH. He's a performer. That is way way way different that being a rocker.

How can I explain? If you don't KNOW, you aren't gonna know by anything I say. It's more Disney-fication of MY ROCK 'N ROLL. MINE! MINE MINE MINE!

That kid sold his soul to the DEVIL, which is exactly what the whole American Idol franchise is. Clean, sanitized, soulless music for the masses. Eyeliner and leather pants don't make a damn difference, Adam. You ain't it, ain't never gonna be it. Take your money and run to Vegas or Broadway or a tour of malls, I don't care.

To make myself feel better, I smacked the SHIT out of my drums to this song today. RRRROOOOOOAAAAARRRRR!!!!!!! That THAT, hucksters, shysters, and panderers! HAH!

Radio Birdman -- "What Gives"