Todd is one of my oldest and dearest friends, from all the way back to the drum section of the Oconomowoc Junior High School band, where he was much much much much much better than me, and infinitely cooler, too. I love him. Go see him and Simon Stokes if you are in the Los Angeles area!

This Saturday, June 6. Taix. 1911 Sunset Blvd. Echo Park 10:00. Free!

“One of outlaw rock & roll’s consummate gravel-throated shit-stirrers, Stokes is a weirdly poetic thug as well.... His blues-based, country-influenced biker rock
features wild, innovative lyrics that twists from squirm-inducing candor to surreal humor in a flash, all framed by a chaotic electric crunch best described as a slick and greasy LSD nightmare/wet-dream meltdown. His latest release, Head, produced by former BellRay Todd Westover, is a flat-out masterpiece” -
LA Weekly