Enough of you.

You spent most of your life profiting from the creative ventures of your children. Your brand of verbal and physical "discipline" seems to have put every single one of them somewhere on the scale from odd/unhappy to completely insane.

Three days after your son Michael died, you show up to the BET awards, and tell a CNN reporter that you are doing "great!" There is not a single shred of grief or sadness to you. You have a publicist read a statement for you instead of making an attempt to talk like a human being, and then haul out your lawyer for some more huff and puff. Yes, folks in mourning often attend award ceremonies with a publicist and lawyer.

Second autopsy? Hey, if it turns out there is someone to sue for Michael Jackson's death, you'll be on it, old man, won't ya?

And then -- THEN -- Joe says he has something really important to say! HE PROMOTES HIS NEW RECORD COMPANY! This would be like Jacqueline Kennedy selling her own line of pillbox hats at the entrance to Arlington Cemetery at JFK's interment.

Oh. OH. So it's your wife, Katherine Jackson, who applied to the court to take temporary control of Michael's estate and his children, huh? Not a joint effort, huh? Worried that might be A PROBLEM? Those three kids would be infinitely better off just by picking a new family from the telephone directory, I swear it. Not with you. Never with you.

There is no excuse for you, you narcissistic evil creep. I hope a judge has the balls to say enough of you, Joe Jackson, time's up, no more. For that matter, screw your wife too because she allowed all of your behavior as well. You think you did your children such a great favor, making them superstars? LOOK AROUND YOU. A dirt-poor family in sucky Gary, Indiana who could actually provide their children with real love and compassion is better off. But you'll never understand that.