I have spent the WHOLE DAMN DAY trying to figure out some travel things. So far, I have succeeded in nothing other than confusing myself and getting mild burns on my thighs from my laptop.

Yes, children, I remember the days before the Magic Internet, when you had to either spend several years on the phone to the airlines and hotels and car rental places, or enlist the services of a travel agent. Does that job even exist anymore? I used to think I would be really good at that because I knew so many of the three-letter airport codes and the SABRE and APOLLO booking systems they used seemed to be easy to figure out. And travel agents got great travel discounts for themselves, without having to serve fat sweaty businessman air cocktails and peanuts. I think my mom may still use a travel agent, as she refused the computer age completely, but then again she might just be dialing a random nice person from the phone book who is kind enough to get on the internet and help her with booking a flight. She still lives in Wisconsin, so this is entirely possible.

Bah. I don't know WTF to do. Too many options, too little money, funky time constraints, too many places to check to see what are the cheapest packages. I know, I should just PICK ONE and hit SUBMIT and move on. I try too hard for too little sometimes.

I know, stop whining. It's hardly the Gaza, huh.