There are all kinds of great reasons to like Ray Davies. This was last night's.

Front a bit to the right, we had Fake Trent Reznor. Really, he looked like he gave "Closer" a call and said THAT MY LOOK and stuck with it all these years: straight long super-black dyed hair parted in the middle. black leather jacket. His face even looked A LOT like Trent. But. The Superman t-shirt which outlined the dude's paunch and his pajama pants sort of spoiled his '90s edgy vibe. He was also clearly drunk, high, or crazy, or all, and definitely a jerk.

Early in the night during one of Ray's jauntier songs, I think it was "Sunny Afternoon" maybe, Ray walked over closer to us all with his acoustic guitar, smiling and playfully interacting with the crowd. Fake Trent for no apparent reason at all during this nice little tune, decides to hold up his middle finger to Ray, keeping it raised until he was sure Ray had seen him. Ray went back to his microphone, and I saw only the teeny tiniest little hint of something on his face. Everyone around Fake Trent was appalled.

Near the end of the show, my favorite, "All Day and All Of The Night" was performed, which always energizes everyone, including Ray. Once again, he came over to the right side, dancing and pounding the stage with his feet like a maniac. Ray spots Fake Trent and leans right over and flips him the biggest bird ever, smiling hugely and mouthing, "Yeah? Yeah? You like this? FUCK YOU!!!" The entire crowd cheered and laughed, and everything was set right again.

See? Don't miss your chance to see Ray, wherever he might be.