Sometimes it is tolerable here, especially on a day went it must be close to 60 degrees, the sun is shining brightly all day, and I get to wear a light jacket and sandals. Anytime I am not getting pissed on by Mother Nature or anything else is a GOOD DAY. I went back this afternoon to the Safeway mentioned in my very first post here. I hadn't been there in quite awhile, and as I started rummaging through the pre-made salads, the dulcet tones of the Customer Service Girl came over the PA: "Shoppppppeerrrrrrrrrsssss, we have a twooooooooooooooooooo-for-wuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuunnnnnnn saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaale right now in our Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeat Departmennnnnnnnnnnnt..." I burst out laughing, all BAAAA HAHAHAHAHAHA because I had forgotten her wildly up-and-down child voice for a second and then THERE IT WAS. BAAAAA HAHAHAHA, I went with a big smile. I hope someone thought I thought lettuce was hilarious, or that I was insane. Ha ha, man.

Mid-afternoon on any given weekday at the grocery store assures you lots and lots of Elder Cart Gridlock. I tell you, if I ever, EVER become one of those old people who parks their cart in the middle of the aisle while staring at a small can of green beans for THREE HOURS, KILL ME. Damn. The worst is when everyone is getting backed, can't get through, but everyone is too polite or chicken to say HEY! GRANDMA! HELLO! FIFTEEN PEOPLE ARE STARING AT YOU WAITING TO GET THROUGH! HEY! Again, cart-mounted airhorns would be SWEET SWEET SWEET, but would also cause heart attacks, subsequent lawsuits, and cranky elder complaints, so no go. People, if you want to stare at food for a bit, just move your cart all the way over. Thank yewwwwwww.

I pick up a box of Whole Grain Frosted Flakes and laugh at myself. Sugar on processed whole grain, ha. Oh, whatever. I get the organic Braeburn apples to counter it. Nothing I get can counter the Entenmann's donuts I also pick up, but since I am not eating them, I leave it to the kids to like, run around or something to burn off that crap. I give them those once a week, and they are so pleased. It is so easy to make a kid smile sometimes: here is a donut = grin.

My cart is obscenely full and heavy to push as I go past the little Starbucks kiosk in the store. I sort of absently note the holiday cups are back and the barista is wearing a Santa hat. I think for a second how another year has gone by, and that I guess I mark my time by Starbucks displays, the absence or presence of persistent rain, and how short the kids' pants are getting.

Little else to add to that.