You don't have to prod me much to do fun stuff like play guitar and such, but when my dear old friend Jim called me up and exhorted that I was NO KINKS FAN AT ALL if I didn't record a cover version for Talenthouse's "Interpret A Kinks Song" contest, I told him I couldn't do it. For one, I was at my mom's house and the only instrument she had there was some wooden horn from New Guinea. Secondly, I couldn't sing -- I've had full to lingering laryngitis for weeks. Jim recorded his own song for the contest, "Motorway," and ended up shaming me into doing this with 14 hours left before the thing closes.

I picked "Sleepwalker," one of my favorite Kinks tracks from 1977. It roaringly announced that the band was back and ready to climb the charts again, and that is just what they did. I used my dad's 1920s toy piano, a '65 Fender Electric XII (the same model that was used on many Kinks recordings), and you can definitely hear some squeaky weirdness in my voice! I hope it makes you smile, because I did have a lot of fun doing it.

You can vote for me to win the damn contest if you want to, but I do think there are others that are far better, or you can grab a download from Soundcloud. The point was in the doing, and I'm glad I done did. Thanks!