For the last few years, every so often on a Saturday MissNine will walk up to me and announce that she is taking Art Requests, generously open to anyone I know on the interhaps. Today she did just that, excited by her new multi-colored pencils purchased last night from that haven of fine-art, Target. I made the announcement for her on my Facebook, the requests came in, and she made the drawings. This is how it went.

Request #1 --  Charly (Argentina):
"Oh requests! I love requests. Draw me an animal! Hippopotamus! No wait, I couldn't draw that myself.. "

M9: "Blue Hippo in France!"

Request #2 -- Jo Anne (Iowa): 
"The. Beatles?"

M9: "It's like Meet The Beatles with colors!"

Request #3 -- Stacy (Florida): 
" I would like her interpretation of a day at my house AND a map of all the places she will take me when I get there" 

M9: "I'm not expert at geography. But this is how I feel after a day at Stacy's house!"

Request #4 -- Jill (Seattle)
"Draw me a scooter!"

M9: "Here you go!"

Me: "Honey, that says "scotter," not "scooter!" And I think Jill meant a motorscooter!"

M9: "Oh! Hee hee hee! OK!"

Request #5 -- Jo Anne (Iowa)
"Draw me a guiness."

M9: "I made it more fancy."

Request #6 -- Jeanne (Texas)
"Draw a girl on a scooter drinking a guiness wearing a Beatles shirt taking STacy B around to all the Seattle hot spots...Oh & a horse."

M9: "I don't know about that!"

Me: "Just do the horse then."

M9: OK!

Request #6 -- Jon (Seattle)

" I would like a picture of her favorite band"

M9: "Mom, I need some red and black right away!"

Me: "OK!"

M9: "Mom, tell everyone we have to shut it down now. I'm hungry."

Me: "OK, will do. Thanks, sweetie, these are cool!"

Request #7 -- Dena (Illinois)

I was going to ask for a goat wearing a lei, but it looks like she's all booked up."

M9: "Tell Dena I love her, but we are closed!! Even for goats!"