'Tis the season, for MissNine and Mr14, to be finishing up the last week of the school year and to continue the grand student tradition of getting your peers and teachers to sign your school yearbook for fond remembrance. This got me thinking to my own school days. I attended Oconomowoc (WI.) Junior High for 7th, 8th, and 9th grades in the mid-'70s. I have a ton of memories from those days; sadly, few are academic in nature. No, the things I recall are more like getting hung up by my painter pant loops on a locker, shooting spitwads in Study Hall, furtively smoking borrowed cigarettes around a far corner of the school building (always with one kid on lookout duty) and then stashing the pack in my socks, and editing the school newspaper by myself in a tiny supply closet while blaring the radio and SMOKING again. I never once got into trouble because I looked like a smart nerdy girl. No one suspects the SNG. Anyway, I  hauled out the old Jr. High yearbooks today and I thought I would share some of the autographs I procured in those years. Names are excluded to protect the former young teenagers who could not possibly at that time conceive that the SNG would, far into the future, blog their musings on something magical called "The Internet."

Some indelicate language follows, along with some sweetness.


"To a really nice kid (for a drummer)."

"Don't get to bombed, fried, etc. but if you do, call me!"

"To Marianne, the most horide [sic] friend that I have"

"To a weirdo-o of a kid. But a pretty nice one at that. See you this summer."

"To a pretty good drummer"

"To a cute girl who has fits, to a cute girl who has no tits"

""To a chick who tried so hard for Tom all year long"


"To a good-looking drummer"

"To the made [sic] picture taker"

"Get Lost"

"To an ugly kid (not really)"

"I don't hardly know you but you seem to be really nice. See ya around"

"Fuck Off"


"Missed ya this year, more time than not you were out of school!"

"To a good kid who never comes to school. Have a great summer. Hang in there."

"I'm sure your face isn't that desturbed [sic]"

"To Mary who fell from the chior [sic] room"

"To a really low-voiced person"

"To a real rowdie, don't get into any more accidents, o.k."

"To somebody who can never type and to one of my good friends. Have a great summer with the guys"

"You helped me many times. I owe you one."


"To the Bulldog Bulletin editor, you should write a book on your love life someday"

"To a cool kid who likes typing, I think"

"To Marianne, too bad you didn't feel like going wild over XXXXX, he would've loved it"

"I love you! XXXXXXXXXXXX!!!! Just kidding!"

"This summer we have to get drunk on some more peppermint schnapps"

"To a turkey"

"Mary is the one with the ticklest spot wear [sic] there should not be"

"Howdy to just about the funniest chick in 8-3 and I hope a lifetime friend! Have fun, I'll see ya around! (ed. note: We did remain friends!)

"Hi from the geeks?"

"Marianne, you are the greatest clown I known [sic]. We al love you and always stay the same."

"It was fun at parties, bring more booze!"

"Don't get injured anymore this year. I'm out of get well cards!"

"Thanks for introducing me to the Beatles more."

"Boy, did you scare the ____ out of me when you fell and chipped your teeth, hope you won't fall again this summer."

"DEAR MaryANN, Have a great summer with XXX. Teach him all you [sic] trick, take it easy, don't get too involved with him. Hang on to him don't let him go he's the only man you got. So long I'm going to get out of here before you kick ME."


"Mary, you play the drums good and are a good dancer"

"To a real funny kid I don't know"

"Your [sic] lots of fun to be with."

"To a real farout country western girl who is always fun to be with"

"Mare, you are totally insane!! I love you!!!

"To a nice kid who does a lot of crazy things and helps me out a lot and who is pretty funny looking"

"To a best friend, no matter what next year we'll raise hell! This year was great and next year we will make great & summer PARTIE!!"

"To Marianne, One of the only people who truly understands me."

"I hope you got over the lovers' weeps"

"Marian, I hope you don't go with XXXXX"

"Keep PARTYING!!!"

"Marianne, you country singer, you come in times of need, you ought to become a nun"


"To a pleasant, young child of the forest and springtime!"

"Peter Frampton fans RULE!"

"(arrow pointing to Assistant Principal) THAT BASTARD!"

"Mouth, thanks for waking me up a 5 o'clock on the camping trip! Really, best of luck, and think positive!"

"Marianne, I'm glad you don't hate me anymore. You're a sweet kid who is full of laughter all the time!"

"I hope you see XXXXX this summer because you are in love with him"

"Remember Ted Nugent!! Your smiling face brightens my life! PS. Can't wait until Honors Geometry, we're gonna have fun!!"

"To Mary-Anne, I'll surely see ya this summer. If I don't, go nuts."

"To an allright [sic] musician. Hang in there."

"I haven't seen you much this year but my FAVORITE, BEST, and MOST SUPER time of the whole year was talking to you during the kite-flying competition."

"It was a blast this year. If you weren't here everything would of fell apart so I'm glad you were around."

"Hi Marianne, You are a very creative person with a very mature attitude on life. Please exert your talents and try the hardest you can and you will achieve anything in life you want. Best of luck to you at Senior High, and a fun-lovin' summer." (ed. note: this was from a teacher, and it made me burst out into tears and then I ran to the bathroom to get my cool back)

"To the best and most reliable Newspaper Club editor ever! Thanx for all your help and enthusiasm!"

"I love you hunny Please be with me every day this summer, your romance man"

"Marianne, you're one of the neatest and nicest people I've ever met. I especially like you because you like the Beatles (like me)."

"To a very nice person who can sing and bowl"

"You're a good kid. Keep up on the guitar."

(Spot the future blogger...)