You know, I definitely keep rock n' roll hours as a matter of course anyway, but it has definitely been awhile since my concert evening out included vodka cranberries, guys and girls pole dancing in the VIP section, a smoke machine, smokers smoking like machines, PBRs, tequila shots, a new camera, sweaty hugs and kisses, club dancing, a guy trying and failing do some groovy act with lighted ropes because he kept getting them tangled up, new friends, old friends, a rock photography show, humidity, and a post-show diner breakfast, all of which led to me arriving back at my vacation homebase of Hollywood, Florida at 5 IN THE AYE-EHM. I celebrated by sleeping in until 2PM and placing my smoky clothes and shoes in the far corner of my hosts' house.

Why did this happen? Because I went to see the Jacuzzi Boys at the New Times Broward-Palm Beach's "County Grind" at the Green Room in Fort Lauderdale! I love these guys, who give garage punk a quirky-cool-beachy spin. The Green Room crowd loved them too, moshed with great verve, and we were all treated to several new songs, beer thrown in the air, a beach ball thrown in the air, and tons of fun. Here's some photos from the very very very first usage of my new Canon 5D Mark III!

(Jacuzzi Boys Green Room Flickr set)