Yee haw! I got to once again spend part of my Saturday doing something I love to do: goin' to da thrift store! This time I hit up a big Goodwill in Bellevue, WA. that I had never been to before. Man, it was busy, with a really wide range of folks scopin' out the joint like me. It's an area of town that hosts lots of new immigrants so there were Chinese families looking at bikes, two dudes from Africa looking at suitcases, a teen Thai girl eyeing up the skinny jeans, a Korean mother and daughter looking at the "designer clothes" section, a elderly Russian woman with redder hair than mine (which I didn't think was possible) talking on a cell phone to someone about glassware, along with the usual few hipsters, antique-ers, and regular folk. I am 100% SURE I was the only red-and-blond haired woman wearing pink and purple glasses, a vintage orange Ultrasuede dress, carrying a tiny Coach purse with a bee on it, taking iPhone photos of Swedish LPs from the '70s. 


I am always just amazed by the knick-knacks I see at thrift stores, and try to imagine who once thought they were so great that they bought them and brought them into their homes. Until one day...BANISHED TO THE THRIFT STORE! I could think up a novel surrounding each one of them, but will spare you that. For now. 

It's my opinion that only a serial killer could have once owned this.

Here's the story for this one: the Christmas 1984 carolers got lost in the snow, and didn't make it out again until New Year's, 1987. OK, YOU come up with something, then, smartie pants.

Good thing MissNine wasn't with me today, because she would have insisted on taking Psycho Kitty home with us. 

What could represent the wealth and glamour that is Beverly Hills, California better than a particularly crappy plastic snowglobe?

USA USA USA! What is this? A Chia Bust? A planter? A bong? A metaphor?

I've seen a whole lot of ceramic animal figures in my life, but this may now rank #1 in "WTF?"

Damn childhood creativity -- could I JUST ONCE see once of these "Paint Your Own Dinosaur" kits done with ANY REALISM AT ALL? Although I suppose this could be accurate, how the hell would we ever know?

 What. WHAT.

Delighted Pig is DELIGHTED!!!

Moving on to the encrusted-with-dust record section...I bet these "Space: 1999" stories were just filled with ZZZZZZZAP! Japanese toy gun sounds and guys talking in low sort of English accents pretending to be Big-Brained aliens.

Hipster-turned-hippie poet/musician Rod McKuen was annoying.

Oh, boy, there goes Ferrante & Teicher again. "Getting Together?" In your foursome DREAMS, pal. I know when I'm contemplating SexyTime, I'm wanting to listen to "Raindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head." ROLLEYES.

Dumbass, it's right there on the sticker.


I think this old oddly-sized record is in Russian and am sort of blackly hoping this is a children's story telling of the horrors of capitalism.

You didn't even KNOW you needed this until now, right?

We will end today's post with a FAB selection of Scandinavian records. You only wish you could have your own "saxparty" in some of these clothes!