(Today, MissNine and I spent the afternoon deep in Discount Shopping Land looking for some new summer clothes. As it took me far longer to go through the women's clothing than it did for her to get through the girls' clothing, she decided as long as she had to follow me around, she'd take some photos of the ugliest clothes she could find. She enjoyed this tremendously, and we came home, uploaded the photos, and I typed up her commentary. Please to enjoy!)

"Ewww, this is so ugly! It looks like a rash or something bad."

"This is the most selfish shirt ever! Who expects everyone to love them! It's terrible!"

"There are SO many horrible animal prints!! There are no animals with this print. It's gross."

"If you buy this, I think you don't like life."

"This looks like a huge pile of baby poop."

"This looks like something a dead person would wear."

"This looks like a snake that's been run over by a car about a million times."

"This is what Lady Hulk should wear. Is there a Lady Hulk?"

"It's a huge gold spider that's going to crawl up your neck and kill you. Creepy."

"This reminds me of intestines."

"What an ugly swimsuit! Who would wear it? It's so depressing!"

"Hahaha, who would wear this? It's so stupid and tiny and you can see right through it!" (ed. note: I said nothing. Nope, nothing at all, nope. Nnnnnnope.)

"Everything is wrong about this. The person who designed it just decided to mix every ugly pattern up in one thing. Also, who would name anything for women "Sag Harbor?' That seems mean!"

"This is the most boring dress in the world."

"This makes me feel like the time we went to the Mexican restaurant and I had diarrhea after."

"So tacky. No one is going to believe you have real animal legs."

"I usually love everything purple, but this is super-ugly and huge."

"I'm sorry this zebra jumpsuit is so blurry, but my mom held it up and didn't even say anything and I started laughing."

"Dead animal. Not even a pretty dead animal."

"It's just really icky."

"All of those are horrible!"


"This is a mess. It makes me feel bad."

"If you were shopping with a friend and you both liked ugly clothes, you could buy these two together."

"Worst swimsuit in the world." (ed. note: Nnnnnope. Saying nothing.)