Part 1: The Initial Information

Hello World,
   I'm Ethan Budowsky and I am the guest poster on Popthomology today. Marianne is staying with us in Florida and got a chance to watch as the Miami Heat won the 2012 NBA Championship title and a young Heat fan (Me) went absolutely crazy. First of all, I'd like to say that no matter what the doubters, haters, naysayers, whatever you want to call them said, I always knew that the day LeBron, D-Wade (Dwayne Wade), CB (Chris Bosh), and the rest of the Heat won the title was coming this year. So last night the coronation of Miami's three kings finally came and me being the young, passionate, crazy sports fan I am had to embrace it. When the Florida Marlins won the World Series (the first South Florida title in my lifetime) I was 4 and when the Heat won in '06 I was not in Miami at the time. So this being the first time I'm really gonna remember a title I wanted to do everything I could to just go nuts. But before we get to last night, I'll give some inside info on the series.

Part 2: The Finals 

   Coming into The Finals I had the Heat winning in 7 but also said if they won Game 2 in OKC there was a very good chance that the Heat could win all 3 at home and take the title in game 5. Even after a tough loss in Game 1 there was never a doubt in my mind that the Heat would pull it out. Then when the Heat won game 2 like they did in a grind it out fight to finish leave everything on the court style game, I knew that the series was over. The Thunder looked tired, too young, soft, and they didn't look like the better team even though everyone thought they were. So going back to Miami I thought pretty strongly in my head and heart that the Heat had the momentum; they're the better team and that after last year's heartbreaking, bone crushing, forcing LeBron not to come out of his room for 2 weeks loss to Dallas Mavericks that the experience of losing would eventually be the main factor that pushed them to the title. So the Heat win games 3 & 4 at home and game 5, possibly the clinching game, is just around the corner. Going into the game I just knew that in about 24 hours the Heat were going to be Champions, and I knew it was going to be a blow out. 

Part 3: The Coronation

   It's Tuesday June 21st. The time is 9:00 PM EST. But 9:00 PM EST on this date is something different. It is the beginning of domination, one of the best nights of my life, and of course the crowning of "The King" (Lebron) "Flash" (D-Wade) and "Boshasarus" (Bosh, give the nickname credits to my brother.) The game starts and right away LBJ steals the ball and gets on the break and throws it down WITH AUTHORITY over Thabo Sefolosha of the Thunder. I stood up and woke up MissNine as I screamed "GIVE US OUR RINGS! IT'S OVER!" The game wears on and the Heat look stronger and stronger and the Thunder look younger and younger, softer and softer, and of course more and more inexperienced. Considering the fact that a crippled Mike Miller (a Florida Gator, WOO) who looks like he should be in an assisted living home had more points than the Thunder's other star Russel Westbrook just shows that all along the Heat were just the better team. The game keeps going on and the Thunder just looked pooped and worn out. The Heat on the other hand, kept going and going and going even at one point when it was obvious that the game was in the Heat's hands, LBJ turned to his teammates and moved his hands like he was cranking the gas on a motorcycle, saying to them, "keep grinding, keep working, don't give in yet." Finally Spoelstra empties the bench, taking out the 3 kings and the waterworks gears start cranking for the Thunder bench, Spoelstra, the executives, Lebron, the rest of the Heat, and a 13 year old young man sitting in his living room in a 2011 Eastern Conference Finals Champions shirt who knew even when the Heat were down 3-2 in Boston going into game 6, down 1-0 heading into game 2 against the Thunder in OKC, that this was the year that the Heat get crowned. So the final buzzer sounds and Mike Breen calls out "The Miami Heat are the 2012 NBA Champions!" and people in Hialeah, FL take out their wooden spoons, pots, pans, and whistles and take to the streets. And what does Ethan Budowsky do? He screams "buzzer! the buzzer!" and before you know it he's out the door running down the street screaming, probably waking some neighbors up, and then finally he's back. He's laying on the ground in disbelief not speaking, just sitting their crying tears of complete joy, not wanting to talk to anyone, just wanting to sit there and cry and cry and cry. Oh, and of course wanting to go down to Miami to be in the streets and celebrate. Because the truth is, that's where he belongs.

So for those still reading this long post (I've got a lot to say) now you know what happens when a young man embraces his first championship title.