I recorded "Et Moi Et Moi Et Moi," a cover of a cool Jacques Dutronc song about a year ago, which surprised me by proving to be one of the most difficult recording projects I ever took on. The song is completely in French, is kind of long and fast, and repeats very few words. I don't speak French, not even a little, and couldn't memorize it fast enough (or probably ever). So I had to resort to writing out the whole thing phonetically after listening over and over to both Dutronc's recorded version and a live one. I am positive that my American-Midwestern phonetic French singing is to the French what Japanese-phonetic singing is to me: FUNNY. Therefore, this has value! It also has a cool feedback guitar in it, so there!

Anyway, a friend said, you know, why don't you make a video for that, and I said, well, OK. So I did. Oui oui fromage un deux trois! (If you actually like this song, you can download it from my Soundcloud page.)

Et Moi Et Moi Et Moi - Marianne