From our recent family vacation to SoFla, a few iPhone photos from Le Tub, a most unique restaurant in Hollywood, Florida, which lies between Miami and Fort Lauderdale on a long stretch of Atlantic Ocean beach. Did we head over to Le Tub because Oprah said she liked it? NO, I HATE OPRAH. We went because we heard the burgers were spectacular and the place was decorated with lots of old toilets. That is MORE than enough for me!

We were lucky enough to get a very rustic wooden table during the busy lunchtime rush, and chose to sit outside underneath a copious canopy of trees. Both the kids got pooped on by the loud tropical birds that hang out there, which kind of horrified them but that I found karmically beautiful, as they both had been bickering earlier in our VERY LOVELY HOTEL ROOM. The avian goop-blast didn't bum them out too badly, and just added to the memories.

A drawing MissNine did while waiting for our meal.

And yes, the food was DELICIOUS! Look at that burger!! My god, I want one RIGHT NOW. The yellowfin catch-of-the-day sandwich was also so tasty, as was the seafood salad.

You must stop and grab a bite at Le Tub if you are in the vicinity...but you might want to bring a change of clothing, just sayin'.