I finally got to do something yesterday that I've been wanting to do for quite some time, which is take in a performance by the awesome kids from Seattle's School of Rock. I believe from the top of my toppiest top hat to the bottom of my silver sparkle Converse that rock music is for everyone, and there is no age limit that should preclude someone from rocking and/or rolling. It takes guts to get up and play on a real club stage with all the stage lights on, the PA blasting your every note, and your friends in the band depending on you to come through. The dedicated folks at School of Rock are behind these young musicians all the way, encouraging each kid to sing and play as many instruments as they can, giving them incredible music to learn, and never treating them like "just kids." There's a lot of respect there.

So when I was very kindly comped tickets to see the kids take on "West Coast Punk," I was supah-excited (The Dead Kennedys! The Germs! Black Flag! YES!). I brought my camera to Capitol Hill's Chop Suey and had a total blast and so did everyone else.

(School of Rock Flickr set)

My favorite song of the night? Without a doubt, the Dead Kennedy's "Let's Lynch the Landlord!" Here's a video shot by another member of the audience. (I think you can see me shooting there in the front.) RRRRRRAAAWWWKK! Thanks again, School of Rock!!

Seattle School of Rock, "Let's Lynch the Landlord"