Here is what I think: if you can't have fun at a fair, you are no fun anymore and you should get off your own lawn. There's truly something for everyone to enjoy at the Puyallup (WA) Fair, from prize-winning farm animals to delicious and insane foods to great musical entertainment to carnival games and rides. This past Wednesday, we took the family for a little jaunt to the Fair -- leaving far later in the afternoon than I had hoped, sadly -- but got in a couple hours of midway thrills before the Flaming Lips/Le Butcherettes concert I was set to shoot at the Grandstand later in the evening. I took a few photos along the way.

I remember this juggling dude from last time.

That's a mighty big pumpkin carving there!

MissEight loves the Haunted Mansion, but it's not too too scary.

This had something to do with the Flaming Lips, I'm pretty sure, or maybe just teeth.

Is this guy happy? I think so.

See? Haunted Mansion is not too too scary!

 MissEight and Mr 12 stoked to get on the Matterhorn. I loved that ride so much when I was a kid. If I went on it now, I would throw up and people would hate me.

 Wow, the time really went so fast! MissEight HAD to have some delicious roasted corn, but I had to run over to the Admin Building to get ready to shoot the show. I want that corn.

You should go to the Fair this weekend! It was a blast, and next year I'm just gonna take the WHOLE DAY.