Just enough time for a very quick post before I am off again to Bumbershoot, to shoot and bumber. I had a marvelous time yesterday, and enjoyed the collegial atmosphere amongst my press pals just as much as the sunny weather and wonderful music. What a grand variety of sights and sounds I heard yesterday! Unfortunately, I can only get you to about a third of the first day in right now, for if I don't budget time to take a shower, the collegial atmosphere may change quite drastically, and deservedly so.

First up was a must-see on my list, local Kris Orlowski with The Passenger String Quartet. Kris is a tremendously nice guy, self-effacing and enthusiastic, and the packed room certainly reflected this with much warmth and affection. Kris' indie-folk received an elegant baroque touch with the addition of the strings.

Then I went upon recommendation to the Fisher Green Stage to see another local act, Champagne Champagne. They have an eclectic hip-hop style, freshened with sly, shifting nods to '80s New Wave, punk, pop, and dance. Dug 'em lots! There was a momentary fail here when a security dude decided that none of the masses of photographers waiting would be allowed in the photo pit. We all stood around open-mouthed going "Uhhhhhh..." until one of us went to a Higher-Up Security Dude who then let us in. Thank you, Fellow Photographer.

Briefly caught a bit of Wagons at the Starbucks Stage. Australian country! Who knew! There were several people up and dancing during their set, happy happy.

OK, off to paint my face! See you later!

(Flickr sets: Kris Orlowski, Champagne Champagne, Wagons)