I woke up thinking, yeah, gonna AT LEAST finish up Saturday's Bumbershoot photos today, yup, gonna do it!

HA HA. Slowy McProcessing spent most of the day driving on Kid Duty today, as it was MissEight's 1st (abbreviated) school day, then she broke her flip-flops and we had to buy new shoes (three dollar flip-flops mutated into $45 pink Vans somehow, bah), picked up Mr13, drove MissEight to an appointment, drove Mr13 to martial arts, and got home at 8:20PM.

In reward for you reading my whine there, I bring you the glorious spectacle of the MarchFourth Marching Band and atmospheric Swedish indie band Little Dragon. Let's pick up where we left off from 1.1 and 1.2, shall we? I had left the EMP after snapping a couple shots of Beat Connection, took a few crowd shots here and there, and thought MAN, I could sure use one of them there FREE Starbucks drinks by the Starbucks Stage right about now, so I went over that direction and then went WHOA! THERE"S A DUDE ON HUGE STILTS RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME! The coffee would have to wait. CAMERA ON!

M4, as they are known, are like...well, like a circus and a freak show and Las Vegas and your wholesome hometown high school marching band rolled into one. There was SO much going on there, it was so colorful and busy and joyous. The crowd LOVED them, and they loved the crowd right on back.

I wish I could've seen their whole set. Don't miss them as they make their way around the country this fall!

(More MarchFourth Marching band photos are here on Flickr)

From there, a walk over to the Fisher Green Stage to see a few moments of electropoppy Little Dragon. I've heard them on SIRIUS XMU and KEXP, and I'm a fan. There were a LOT of photographers in the pit for this one, always a good sign, I think. I liked singer Yukimi Nagano's beautiful scarf, and she used it for great dramatic effect, sometimes completely hiding behind it, sometimes peeking out.

(Little Dragon Flickr set)

I really just SWEAR, tomorrow we'll finish Bumbershoot Day One with some sweet soul stuff!