I love my strange life. This past week has been crayzay, but that good kind of crayzay where you aren't losing your mind or anything. Today I shall direct to you the nice outcomes of the crayzay. On Wednesday, I went to see the Wiggles at the Paramount Theater here in Seattle. Yes, the Australian children's music stars Wiggles. Why? Well, why not! MissEight would have been very disappointed in me had I turned that down! Click right HERE to see my review and photographs of the show at Back Beat Seattle. THEN when you are done there, go over to The Audio Perv RIGHT HERE and see my photos and review of the amazing rockabilly belter Imelda May, whom I saw at the Neptune Theater on Friday! I was really happy with the photos from both shows, and had a lot of fun. You can find links to the Flickr sets for all the shows in the reviews.

Now I am bustin' to finish work on photos/review of the Go-Gos from last night...and will direct you there when it's up. I am also prepping for a 10-day trip tomorrow! WOOO! Crayzaynessssss!