MissEight and Mr13 look forward to their annual family visit to Wisconsin all year long. We arrived a short time ago, and thankfully the brutal summer heatwave is done (knock on wood). Today was a lovely balmy day in the high 70s and the kids got to hang with my mom at her house in the woods all day. The fountain on the side patio was fixed, swept out, and refilled. MissEight and Grandma used the breakfast bacon grease, water, and flour to make some sort of bizarre glop for the birds, which was flung out into the yard with great gusto by MissEight, and immediately devoured by some lucky crows who possibly may have had heart attacks later, I don't know. Mr13 was beyond thrilled to be able to drive "The Green Monster," the small utility hauler that my mom has had for probably 20 years, all around the part of her 99-acre property that is cleared. This sort of activity is not exactly commonplace in our suburban Seattle neighborhood. I took a little video of these activities and paired it with Vince Guaraldi's "Centercourt" as a soundtrack. Click HERE to see it on Vimeo.

The the kids both think Wisconsin is an absolute paradise, filled with exotic woodlands, a million lakes, the best cheese and ice cream, and lots of people who love them. I might add as an aside that they have never once been to Wisconsin in the winter.