This week's blog content will probably be made up of several posts from the jam-packed 2-day road trip we just took to Oregon. We first headed south to Oregon's state capitol, Salem, to attend the Great Idea music festival, which was taking place a few miles away in Turner, OR. at the Enchanted Forest Theme Park. The kids were along and were rather charmed and delighted by this fairytale, old-school, low-tech theme park, as was I. I had just a short amount of time to hang out with them to look at some of the stuff before I went to see some bands, but I made sure to take some photos. (Open Salon readers, as always, click on the photos to see full size, or just head over to Popthomology.)

Little Miss Muffet looks kinda...real. Look out for the spider, honey.

Mad Bunny is mad because people keep asking him where the other end is.

Jack and Jill are such klutzes, and I think that's Cinderella hallucinating a bear rat.

Are these the real names of the Seven Dwarves? I so do NOT remember a "Dingy." And "Lumpy" was on "Leave It To Beaver." Pffft.

Well, you don't see this every day.

I think that bear is going to get that wooden spoon knocked on his forehead for being stupid. That's what I think.

This was the Crooked House. It made me nauseated and I had to back out. Yes, I am a tremendous wimp.

The Big Bad Wolf looks demented, not really all that scary. Maybe he is watching Jersey Shore.

I bet you could trick out the Old Woman Who Lived In A Shoe's house to be pretty cool. It would be way way cooler if it were a car like the Weinermobile, though.

I am so excited to show you that now I have the long, glamorous torso that nature denied me. Let us not talk of the expense to the already-short legs.

I don't like clowns, and I don't like marionettes. You cannot change my mind.


Free Water Show!!!!!! OK!!!!

It was like seven minutes of this. Well, the kids thought it was cool. I checked my email on my phone.