Really, what's better than a car with a full tank of gas (albeit at four bucks a gallon), satellite radio, and some free time to go somewhere cool you've never been before? How I love a classic American road trip, especially when it doesn't involve jammed freeway traffic or children throwing food at each other in the back seat. So the day after seeing the Dandy Warhols at the Great Idea Music Festival, we headed due west from Salem, Oregon all the way to the Pacific Ocean, destination Cannon Beach, Oregon. It's a tiny town with less than 2000 residents and less than two square miles, and is known primarily as a tourist spot for Portlanders. Believe it or not, since I moved to the Northwest in 2004, I have not once been to the ocean up here! But now I have, and you may come along with me here, for I took some photos and a little vid with the iPhone and the 60D.

The drive was so pretty; lots of huge trees and wheat fields and tiny towns.

I think it took us around three hours to get there, with a few stops on the way. The day was cloudy and a little cool -- not my idea of traditional beach weather -- but there were still brave souls in the water in bikinis. For as many people as were there, it was rather mellow and quiet. The great big rock you see sticking out of the water there is a famous landmark called Haystack Rock, which stands 235 feet high. The two smaller rocks by it are called the Needles...get it? Of course you do.

Here's the video...the song is "Tall Cool One," by Oregon natives and "Louie Louie" gods, The Kingsmen!

I'd definitely like to spend more time at Cannon Beach again, but we had to keep the road trip rolling on up the coast...more tomorrow!