No. Let me fix that.

People love Willie Nelson. Me, too!

I had the chance to find that out in person when I went on assignment for Seattle Weekly last Saturday up to Willie's show at Snoqualmie Casino on a lovely sunny afternoon at Mountain View Plaza, where I had just been to see Eric Burdon and the Animals. My job, as I chose to accept it, was to focus my lens on the People Of Willie: superfans, lookalikes, Wild West-ers, etc. Well, what fun it was! Everyone was so pleasant and accommodating about having their photos taken, and it was fun to chat a little bit with the fans. They were all so excited to see Willie play; many had seen him several times before, and raved about how much they just loved the man and his music. I guess my biggest surprise was the swooning reactions of many of the ladies, of all types and ages; apparently Willie Nelson is quite the sex symbol as well. Come to think of it, I have heard stories...

For me, just being able to see such a true legend of American music play many of his incredible songs ("Crazy," "On the Road Again," "Angel Flying Too Close To The Ground," "Bloody Mary Morning," "Funny How Time Slips Away," "You Don't Think I'm Funny Anymore," and so many more) was an honor. Like Johnny Cash did, Nelson transcends the "country" genre; his fine songwriting, the Texas twang in his strong voice, and elegant/stuttering guitar style makes for an instantly-identifiable, and tremendously likable blend. At age 78, he is a consummate performer. The stage is his home, and Nelson was both utterly professional and sweetly relaxed. We shall not speculate any further about how Willie might have achieved his mellow state, as to not raise the ire of a certain petty judge back in his home state.

Please go ahead and check out the photos I took at Seattle Weekly, and while you're there, read a review, too! Thanks again to the very kind staff at Snoqualmie Casino -- my cowgirl hat is off to y'all!