One of the places I would most like to spend about a month in is the (still-yet-to-be-built) Museum of Broadcast Communications in Chicago. I lovvvvvve archival films, especially those documenting popular culture and trends, and could easily spend many happy days there just hunting up and watching all kinds of cool stuff. But HURRAY FOR MODERN TIMES, we now have the interhoot and YouTube! I can view all the 1965 go-go girls and Rice Krispies commercials I want!

Speaking of go-go and archival films, I went-went and made a '60s themed video for this absolutely MASSIVE garage rock song by Santa Cruz. California's Vox Jaguars, "Swagger." The song was released a couple of years ago on an E.P., which you can buy here at Anodyne Records (also on iTunes), and features relentless guitars, Excedrine-headache drums, and one of the best rock screams ever recorded, in my humble opinion. To add to the awesomeness, I believe all the band members at the time of the recording were still in high school. The Vox Jaguars are on hiatus now as several members attend the colleges of their choice, but I hope they gradjeeate and then reform. This is great stuff, and I WANT TO SEE THEM PLAY LIVE!

I bet you can spot a couple of famous '60s ladies in this video, and some famous commercials. Please to enjoy!

The Vox Jaguars, "Swagger"