This is my 20th Mother's Day, and today, my very suburban Caucasian middle son, Mr13, presented me with a card he picked out at the store himself.

He was utterly unaware that he had purchased a card that would be marketed towards what would seem to be a single African-American mother, from a young African-American girl. I looked at him, all unaware and smiling, and I could not help myself: I laughed until my eyes watered and I nearly fell to the floor in hysterics. He joined in the giggles, as did the rest of the family. I think we all laughed for five minutes straight.

It's a lovely card, and I am touched by his sincerity in the message, but must admit -- I've never, as a rural-born white woman, ever received a card from Hallmark's "Mahogany" Collection. I'm still smiling.