That's me, according to Pew Research Center via a very short test I took online today. I don't mind at all being characterized as a "liberal," for I don't take that as a slur, as it is commonly used by the frothing far-right. (Ever notice they say certain words with exactly the same nasty tone? Like "Mexicans," "Socialists," "Hussein," "Feminists," "Obama," "Women," and "Civil Rights?") Call me liberal all you like, all day long, paint me a sign with pretty pink flowers and a peace sign with a swirly script reading, "Liberal, And Grooving Totally On That," and that's just swell. "Solid?" Now that I don't like as well. It kind of makes me feel...stocky.

Anyway, the Pew Research Center says that the Solid Liberal is around 14% of America's political typology. Hmm. These are the characteristics they report as being parts of my philosophy -- let's see if they are correct:

Solid Liberals

What They Believe:
  • Strongly pro-government and very liberal on a broad range of issues
  • Very supportive of regulation, environmental protection and government assistance to the poor
  • One of the most secular groups; 59% say that religion is not that important to them
  • Supportive of the country's growing racial and ethnic diversity
  • Two-thirds disagree with the Tea Party

Who They Are
  • Highly politically engaged
  • 75% are Democrats
  • Concentrated in the Northeast and West
  • 57% are female
  • Best educated of the groups: 49% hold at least a bachelor's degree and 27% have post-graduate experience
  • A third regularly listen to NPR, about two-in-ten regularly watch The Daily Show and read The New York Times
  • 59% have a passport
  • 42% regularly buy organic foods
  • 21% are first or second generation Americans

I don't really think of myself as "strongly pro-government," but I am certainly not one of those folks who believe that government should just pretty much provide big military and guns for everyone and that's all.   I would be happier about government if it were more modernized and efficient and less prone to corruption and waste. I like to believe our system could be overhauled to better serve the people, but I cannot see it happening any time soon. We are too divided now.

Why, yes, I think regulation on greed-soaked businesses is good, as they are not well-known for taking good care of humans or the environment unless forced to. I think environmental protection is paramount, otherwise we poison and deplete everything nice, and then die. And I cannot find any good rationalization why any person in the United States should go hungry, not be able to find shelter, have to suffer from lack of access to basic health care, or be cut off from opportunities to improve their lives through training and education. To characterize all people who are poor as lazy welfare frauds is wrong, wrong, wrong. 

Past that, imagine if you were standing next to a friend. If she hadn't eaten all day, you would offer her some of your food. If she lost her home to a fire or divorce or savings that were depleted to nothing because of the economic crash, you'd offer her a place to stay. If she were sick, you would take care of her until she was better. If she needed education to move up in her life, you'd teach her what you knew. You would help. I don't know about the folks that don't think our government should offer any of these  basic, simple, necessary things to our citizens. Maybe they just don't like or trust people in the end. "Poor" is other one of those nasty, spat-out words these days, isn't it. "You bad poor people, stop being poor right NOW! Quit needing things! Shoo!"

Describing me as "secular" is like saying the Pope is "kinda Catholic." I save no room for agnosticism even; no, I am super-comfy with atheism, thanks. I don't mind if YOU want to believe in God or anything else if it's a comfort to you. I DO mind when you try to restructure government into a theocracy. I mind a whole lot. To me, that is as un-American as it can get.

The entire nature of this country is the "melting pot," so when it comes to the U.S. becoming increasingly racially diverse, it seems to me to be a natural part of way the demographics would progress. I am always shaking my head at those whose relatives arrived here from Ireland or Italy, groups that were marginalized and widely disliked at the time as unwanted and low-class, who now rail against Mexicans, Vietnamese, Africans, Pakistanis, or any other non-white immigrants. Tsk tsk, people. Your big fat racism is showing.

The Tea Party? Please.

I am politically active, I am a registered Dem, I live in the West, I am a certified female, I have a Bachelor's degree, I do listen to NPR, watch the Daily Show, and love the New York Times, I have an expired passport, I buy organic food often, but my family has been here for several generations.

So it seems they pegged me pretty well. I'm kinda bummed I only have 14% of like-minded fellow Americans to stand around and be, be solid with, but that's where we are at. If you go ahead and take the test, come back and tell me in comments where you landed. Unless it's "I HAVE GUN & I H8 U ALL." I don't really want the figures on that.