(I am happy to present a small slice of fun from the exotic and far-away land of Australia, via my dear school pal "B'Essr," whom I have known since she was a vibrant, fun-loving, and mischievous young teen with a wicked, lovely grin. She is now is a resident of Oz, and kindly sent along a few photos of some interesting signs she's seen on her Aussie travels, and our combined comments.)

"Saw this on a trail on the way to the beach. 'If you park here, a man will pee on your tires,' was the best we could come up with."

"Say what???"

To me, this looks like the man is trying to lob a Superball off the 'roo's head, which should also be discouraged.

Honestly, I don't know that I wish to go to a place where branches are just falling all willy-nilly out of trees so's I have to always wear a helmet. It seems a bit burdensome and death-y.

Are Australian dogs severely constipated? Damn.

I think this one should be captioned "LOL - YouTube Fail Fall Video Area."

"Unfortunately we were zipping by in the rain when I snapped this one - it's a girl making the Internationally recognized symbol for "small penis" (crooking her pinky finger) and the billboard states: Speeding...No one thinks big of you."

Thanks, B!