1. Because Dolly Parton is absolutely adorable. It is my contention that she is even prettier without the heavy makeup, wigs, and glammed-out clothes. I know why she got those huge(r) implants and other surgeries, but I wish she didn't feel like she had to do that. She's a natural beauty, and her kind spirit shines right through all the artifice she applies.

2. Because she came from absolutely nothing and from nowhere, but never turned her back on her roots. She was one of 12 children. The kids and parents lived in a one-room friggin' hovel in backwoods Tennessee. Materially, the family was utterly bereft. But by all accounts, it was a loving and supportive home and Dolly was encouraged early on to develop her musical talents. She became a multi-instrumentalist and has written over 3000 songs. She brought her theme park Dollywood back to her home state, which provides many jobs, and funds the Dollywood Foundation, which provides each child in Sevier County, TN., Branson, MO., and Myrtle Beach, SC. with a free book every month until age five.

3. Dolly writes a song or some other creative idea every single day. Obviously, you can see why I like that.

4. Because she has a good sense of humor, and has always kept her private life private. This tells me she is smart.

5. And for the beautiful, heartbreaking "Coat of Many Colors." This simple story from Dolly's early life has great meaning to those who spent any part of their childhood poor or bullied, but had someone at home who loved them with all their heart.