This morning, I had a very vivid and odd dream wherein I dumped over a bin of small blocks and two exotic spiders appeared: one rather large and one REALLY rather large. The latter spider was about the size of my palm and looked and moved like a crab. I was going to let it scuttle away and pretend it went to France or something, but then I realized it was heading towards my mom's clothes closet. She has major Spider Fear, so then I thought, damn, I really should kill that thing, because she'll lose bowel control if she sees that in one of her shoes or something. It was quick, that big spider, and before I had a chance to figure out how to safely and efficiently end its existence, MissEight came into my room and woke me up. She had drawn some animals and wanted to share them with me.

The Lion Ostrich

The Mole Wolf

The Catfish Crow

The Cheetah Penguin

The Anteater Fly

The Elephant Dog

...and The Spider Cat.

I swear I live in some Dali-esque alternate reality sometimes.