In my apparent on-going quest to bring back the Hootenanny, I have written my SECOND protest song! The first was "How Can You Tell?" because I was (and am) so disgusted by Arizona's blatant anti-immigrant legal garbage. This one, because...well, I betcha you can guess, oh ya! As the title says, I was indeed born in Wisconsin, proud of it, and outraged by the multiple legislative horrors that Governor Scott Walker and his Capitol Cronies are attempting to inflict upon the working- and middle-class folks of Wisconsin in the name of "fiscal responsibility." So I do what I do, which is write and play and be silly and be serious and maybe it can help. At the very least, I hope it will bring a smile to those folks who have been so dedicated to not letting Walker steam-roll his way through the state. Please pass it on! You can also download the song as an MP3 here which I promise will add nothing to the deficit nor take anything from your pension. Or please do a COVER of it so I don't have to listen to my wobbly musicianship! Thanks.

(All the video photos are my home stuff, or from the ones I took at the pro-WI-union Rally To Save The American Dream in Olympia, WA. on February 26, 2011.)

I was born in Wisconsin, I grew up in that state
I threw snowballs at my cousins and I swam in the lakes
I ate cream puffs at the State Fair and made friends with a cow
I grew up strong and healthy and this is why and how

I had a teacher who taught me how to write well and fair
She told me how reporters all must fact-check and then share
Her ideals, they stayed with me, and I know this is true
There ain’t no palm trees in the state except on Fox News

There was the nurse who held my hand when I was hurt and in fear
The firefighter who told me jokes so I could laugh away my tears
The cop who called my mom and dad to say I’d be OK
I had people caring for me when I needed them that day

We were all from Wisconsin and so proud of our state
With our cheese and our beer and our Packers we were great
We all learned to polka, from West Allis to Green Bay
And we all worked together so that each would have a say

Now there’s thousands at the Capitol, locked out and in the cold
There are workers being frozen out of justice young and old
The Governor and his buddies say the state is just too broke
Their motto for Wisconsin is: Things Go Better With Koch

But I was born in Wisconsin and I am smart and I am strong
I know that those who lie will be revealed before long
I stand with those workers who served me; now I can serve them
We all must come together, Republicans and Dems

I was born in Wisconsin, I grew up in that state
I know what is happening there will determine all our fates
I was born in Wisconsin, let’s stand up and moo
If you can stand with us, then you are from Wisconsin too.

 Born In Wisconsin by MarianneSp