MissEight and her best pal had a playdate today, and the three of us made a little side trip to the local Value Village thrift store. I gave them each a modest amount of spending money and let them ponder their choices.

While they did that, I went over to the "Knick-Knacks" section. Experience tells me I can always count on finding some unusual decor there. I wish I could have a conversation with the people who once owned these items, asking them why they had them to begin with, and why they no longer did. That might make a good book or meme-y website, eh?

I bet you that you, wherever "you" are in the world, will never go to Bulgaria, ever. I don't even know if Bulgaria still exists. I think it does, but I think it's not somewhere that will soon see a surge of tourism. I feel like I should have bought this, but then I would have to deal with people in my house saying, "OMG, you went to Bulgaria??" and me saying, "No," and the people staring at me.

I am always amazed at the Things That Can Be Made Into Clocks. I am not sure at all what would provoke someone into thinking that a copper clock of the African continent was something they needed.

Dandified statue children class the joint right up.

"Look, hands!" This seems socially irresponsible. Two hands on the baby, Colorful Asian Doll!

I have no idea who Coach Donovan is, but she's FREAKED OUT.

Every home needs an overly-cute statue devoted to The Town Ho.

This chicken is flat-out shocked, just SHOCKED. I think it's because of the Town Ho statue.

Hey Kelly. How's it goin'. Nice to see you here at the Value Village.

Wooden Vampire Pirate Baby Jesus?

And finally...the Cabbage Patch Baby In Utero.

The girls bought a dart board, a plastic guitar toy, a rainbow-striped fuzzy scarf, and a drinking glass with plastic fish encased and floating in hot pink liquid. I bought MissEight a couple of shirts and I'm still thinking about going back for the Bulgarian plate. Stare away, people.