I love them all. Bless you people on the YouTubes.


These youngsters are still learning to tune and play in time. This charms me beyond measure.

Mick Jagger said he didn't want to be playing "Satisfaction" when he was old. Well, HA HA, sir, HA HA! Here's Zefiry, rockin' Polish retirees. Is the tall guitarist a woman? No? Ohh.

The Boonkong City Band seems to combine ear-splitting volume + the Shaggs + the Velvet Underground + Zefiry to make for a deeply garage punk version. Although the nice washer and dryer in the background sort of spoils the grunge.

These French bottle-blowing buskers, I feel, do not improve upon the original.

Is there such a thing as minimalist death metal? There is now, thanks to Vpiska.

If you were saying, "Marianne, where's the Ukrainian folk cover of 'Satisfaction,' HUH..." well, it's your lucky day. I love how the singer pronounces the word "satisfwagtion" and how "there's Boy Scouts on the radio."

Here's a dude channelling Surfer Brian Jones sitting on his couch and just noodling away on his guitar pointlessly, even adding an off-time Black Sabbath lick in there.  It also sounds like it was recorded underwater, which also goes with the Brian Jones thing. The coffee mug on the couch disturbs me as much as why this was ever made.

And finally, while she is not playing "Satisfaction," she is dancing to it...Ladies and Gentlemen may I present to you: The Most Disturbing Woman On YouTube! If you enjoyed her freeform interpretation of that, feel free to look at the ONE THOUSAND PLUS others she has, because they are all exactly like that. Shudder.