I don't feel too much like writing. Regular readers will know that I have been deeply upset by the political situation in Wisconsin. With the GOP jamming the union-busting component of their Budget Repair Bill through on legislative slimery and admitting that, nah, it was never about balancing the budget, it was about doing everything possible to defeat Obama in '12...anything I write now will not be very kind or peaceable. So instead, I do what I do when I want to feel better, which is turn to music. "I'm Alive," which I first owned as a kid as the flipside to Tommy James' "Crystal Blue Persuasion," is a song with great punk/soul groove, and there's no other way to do it than (forgive me) balls out. It's positive, energizing, and makes me feel for at least two-and-a-half minutes that I can take on the world and win.

The original:

Fabulous screamer version by Johnny Thunder (not Thunders, of New York Dolls fame, you may note). I also sincerely doubt that Mr. Thunder had anything at all to do with his Kinks-song namesake.

This one by British dude Don Fardon in '69 now sits in the Dutch Top 20 in March 2011. GO DUTCH!

And last one goes to Tom Jones. Power it out, man! Love that guy.

So I feel a bit better having listened. And I feel even better listening to this "music" being played around Madison and the Capitol tonight.