Crazy? Cool? Meh? All? Another February 28th has arrived and with it for the third time I think, whoa, it’s my blog’s birthday. I would smash a piece of cake on my laptop screen in celebration and light three little candles on the keyboard, but this would likely mean difficulties in continuing to post, and we can’t have that. And by “we,” I mean “I,” because “I” for some reason set myself a goal quite some time ago: do/write/make something every single day, post it up, and then move to the next thing. And this year, I didn’t miss a single day. The year before I missed one day, and the year before that, a handful. How strange, huh? Why would anyone do this? Why don’t I take a break? What difference does it make to anyone?

I can definitely answer that last one: Most of the time, I don’t know, and I can’t know.  I like just flinging these digital Frisbees out into the ether. People read them, or don’t, they comment or they don’t, they relate to whatever it is I am saying or don’t. I’ve come to understand from reading internet articles that I must be the Worst Blogger Ever, because I don’t specialize my content to one area of interest, I don’t search out ad revenue or backlinks, and I don’t do very much to promote the site, if anything. I get that Popthomology is a strange place. There’s serious and funny, music, kiddie crap, political roaring, photos…enough to drive off anyone who may love short fiction but hates my liberal rants, digs the snarky mommy confessionals but could give a crap about Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, or is just hoping to find out how to cure diarrhea after eating at Chipotle, fast. I never seem to do anything as is advised.

“Why don’t you take a break?” Plenty of people have asked me that, and it’s a totally reasonable question, if you are thinking that this is work, that is. And I guess that’s where I can answer, “Why would anyone do this?” Because this is my fun! It’s not a burden or a hardship or work at all. It’s great to be able to have a forum to share all this stuff, are you kiddin’ me? It also helps me organize my thoughts for at least one part of my day, acts as sort of a digital diary for my kids to ponder/groan over someday, and prompts me to do far more of what I like to do, and maybe what I do best, than if I did not have the site and its self-imposed “every day, DO” rule.

So many good things have come my way from doing this that I couldn’t even begin to list them all, but most importantly the blog has brought me friendships that have been built from scratch or renewed from years past. I’ve had some incredible opportunities come my way, a whole lot of good times, and I hope along the way I have improved whatever it is I am doing to improve your experience as a reader. I am honestly always amazed that anyone reads it, and more amazed that some of you read every day. I send all of you a very heartfelt “thank you.” Yes, even you, Spambots of the Interworld, now that I’ve figured out what to do with your comments.

Three years, and I do keep thinking, well, someday you are gonna have to slow down or stop. But it’s not today, and I don’t think it’s going to be tomorrow or the next day. And then maybe in another 365 days, I’ll find myself here, and maybe you will be here, too.

Carl Perkins, "Blue Suede Shoes"