I am almost certain that you woke up this morning wondering why there aren't more live action feature films starring only birds. Right? I know; it's like I have ESP! Anyway, via my friend J I have discovered this very, very odd relic from 1948, called "Bill and Coo." The plot synopsis from TCM:

Welcome to Chirpendale. There's plenty of parking space, plus it has everything: a bar where bird citizens can drink junebug sundaes and listen to jazzy music. But the bird citizens are terrorized by an evil raven called "The Black Menace", but a pluck young bird named Bill Singer, who's a taxi driver by day, comes to the aid of a damsel in distress, Coo, who's trapped in a fire. And soon the circus comes to town, Bill and Coo get box perches and witness ferocious feats and even laugh along with Cannonball Twitcher on an out of control motorcycle! But soon The Black Menace returns, and Bill and the rest of the citizens put together a plan to put him away for good.
IMDB notes: The film holds the world record for the smallest film set. It was filmed entirely in a model village mounted on a table measuring 30 ft x 15 ft (9.14 m x 4.57 m). The success of the film was rewarded with an Honorary Academy Award in 1948.

There's an 8-minute clip up on YouTube but because I'm a completest and also mildly cruel, I've obtained the first 21 MINUTES for you to view here. If I get a full copy, I'll replace this with THAT.

If you actually sit here and watch all of this, please contact me because you are in desperate need of help. Enjoy!