I have very detailed dreams which often make me feel upon awakening like I had no rest at all. You'd think my brain would give me a rest. What an ass it is. Oh, well. I can sleep when I'm dead. Presumably. Anyway, here's a few of the random bits from just one of the mental movies I had last night. Make of them what you will.

1.  I went back to school, high school it seemed, after being gone for a long time. I wasn't high school aged, it seemed, but not my age either. Nonetheless, no one questioned why I was there. It was one of those very arty-hipster schools where everyone was dressed all funky. I wore a hat.

2.  I opened my school locker and inside was a bag full of Valentine's Day cards and treats and gifts left for me. How nice, I thought, surprised and touched that anyone remembered me. I started looking through them, some typical little school cards, some candy hearts, and a 6-pk. of the new Red Bull/Coca Cola mix, which I noted had very stylish black-with-red packaging. I don't drink Red Bull or Coke, though.

3.  A handsome young man with a hat similar to mine and a hipster beard, plaid shirt rolled to the elbows, and somewhat-skinny jeans walks by, and he is definitely not high school age. A friend of mine recognizes him, excitedly, and asks if he would like to lie down so she could "heal" him. He sheepishly agrees, and lies down right in the hallway of the school. No one finds this unusual. My friend starts waving her hands over him, giggling. He's a good sport about it.

4.  Another girl comes by and leans over to me and says, Oh, that's so-and-so from The National. Oh, I say. Mr. National turns his head towards me and asks, So, what do you do? I reply, hesitating a bit, Oh, well, I have this site called Popthomology and I also take photos. Ah, he goes with a slightly worldly-yet-amused tone, doesn't everyone? I smile widely and say, Yes, yes they do. He smiles back.

And then I found that the Starlight Mints are actually the White Stripes.

Starlight Mints, "Cracker Jack"

White Stripes, "Love Is The Truth" (commercial for Coca-Cola)

The National, "Terrible Love"