I wasn't planning on giving up a nice Saturday morning sleep-in on a cold winter morning. Nope, not me. But here's what changed my plans.

As I watched this horrible scene at the Wisconsin State Capitol take place, via the reports of the people there, I felt incredibly depressed. Governor Scott Walker's idea of democracy simply cannot be accepted. He and his cohorts are counting on using Big Biz money and muscle to push past any resistance to their one-sided agenda. They are counting on exhaustion, apathy, and fear of further job loss in their opponents. The Democrats shouting, "SHAME!" at the Pro Tem who called the vote in seconds, depriving some representatives on BOTH sides to vote at all, must know this now: you cannot shame anyone who truly doesn't care about your opinion or your rights.

I got depressed, and then I got MAD. And then I thought, your anger is useless and non-productive. DO something!

So tomorrow I am bundling up as best I can against a cold snap here in Washington State, and driving down to Olympia to participate in the nationwide "Rally To Save The American Dream," taking place at every State Capitol in the union. I will take my camera, and bring my voice. I will participate in peaceful, strong protest. I will help. Please consider attending at your state's event as well.

MissEight working on her poster.