MissEight and I were out a little bit today on Snow Day #2, doing a last-minute grocery store run. The Salvation Army bell ringers were dual-teaming the doors to the QFC, so I went and got some cash at the ATM.

MissEight: Why are we giving money to them?

Me: Because they take the money and do good things with it, like helping the homeless.

My daughter screwed up her face as she read the words on the bright red bucket after dropping a fiver in it. As we walked hand-in-hand across the snowy parking lot, she kicked a chunk of ice with her pink plaid Size One boot.

MissEight: Well, I still don't get why we would give any money to a spit army.

It took me a few seconds until I understood her misreading of one of the words on the red bucket, and then I broke out into a huge grin.