OK, I'm ready to stop pouting over the elections and start smiling, and the best way I know how to do that is via music. I am now going to make fun of myself and my dear fellow Dems by sharing these heartfelt YouTube cover versions of my very favorite Beatles song, "I'm A Loser." SING WITH US! Not you, John Boehner -- you can keep crying.

Oh, this is so cute. I love when Tio shows up out of nowhere to sing a line of offkey harmony, the Shaggs-style drums, and when Mom gives them all the universal "CUT!" sign.

Here is a headless kid, and untuned guitar playing to the record, and an old man with a cane wandering around.

Um...here's just a head, with no music.

Another head and no music, but there's a harmonica. YEAH.

A man with a giant distorted skull singing karaoke. It could be a trend.

Oh good lord.

All things are put into perspective with this last one, because any day you can watch four grown Japanese men dress up like Merseybeaters from 1964 is a good day.