The skies were bright blue all day, the temperatures in the 20s, and enough snow and ice on the ground from yesterday's storm that the kids got a day off of school and many, many people wrecked their vehicles. The Seattle area is a lousy place for winter's harsher spoils -- the freeze/refreeze cycle combined with our San Francisco-style hills can make for treacherous and ridiculous driving. Fortunately, I didn't have to drive anywhere today, and I could enjoy watching videos of last night's Seattle slide fest instead.

This one features a bus. Awesome.

This Audi makes a brave attempt to get up Queen Anne Hill, ends up a 3-hitter.

I do think these folks were making a party out of watching the cars. It's cruel AND fun!

MissEight's idea of snow day fun was to gather up snow and paint it.

Another snow day tomorrow. I can't promise there won't be a snow dinosaur or an opera.