I'm feeling very visual these last few days, no doubt inspired by mah new camera and lenses. The problem is that what I would really love to do right now is take a full month off, holidays be damned (and damn them anyway, really, Black Friday nonsense feh), and do nothing but shootshootshootshoot. Then I'd like another month to do nothing but readreadread, another to writewritewritewrite, and another month to do nothing but make and record music. Then I would like another three months to visit great architectural works, art museums, weird libraries, and vintage instrument shops, then another three months visiting the Top 10 Best Beaches. Then do it all over again.

What I did instead today was more laundry, perused holiday catalogs, talked with a friend about an upcoming party, and pulled some nifty/funny inter-content for you, this time some wonderful old educational/health/war propaganda posters mainly from the mid-20th Century. The look of these posters is so cool -- a mashup of commercial design, fine art, and street art -- and the work from this time remains tremendously influential. So this satistfies my visual lust today, and the content satisfies my humor jones. No going wrong with that: it's free, I don't need to hire a nanny or get a travel visa, and I don't need to rob a bank, just Google Images.

In Russia you need to watch out for jolly guys driving red cars that will eat you if you are in a designated crosswalk.

Who knew you would have to make posters telling people that flies are bad?

I'm imagining Hitler calling out, "SHOTGUN!"

Mmm...War Bones n' War Fat! I thought a "meat dealer" was called a "butcher." Silly me.

Whether you are an American or a Vietnamese propaganda artist, you know the whole pretty-wife-with-the-cute-baby thing is good stuff.

Have you ever seen happier Communists? Why, we have barren apartments featuring construction noise, tank decorating ceremonies, schools filled with fresh flowers and ruddy-cheeked youths, and seriously grateful peasants! Life is good!

I believe this translates to "Watch out where the huskies go and don't you eat that yellow snow."

There seems to be a lot of interpersonal issues going on in Mexico, all of which can be remedied by staring at waterfalls.

Texaco wants to remind you to never stop being vigilant, lest a legally-blind bucktoothed and horse-nostriled Japanese soldier stops by.

I can't really see the purpose of having pearly white teeth when you have no ears, nose, or eyes.

I keep thinking of a needed Black Flag song here: "VD Party."

This may backfire -- what guy doesn't like guns and loose women? They have such nice hats.  I'm sure they are just fun gals.

And finally...Best. Cough/Sneeze. Ever!