It is my contention that ever since humans and humanoids have been dragging their filthy knuckles across the ground of our planet Earth, there has been a never-ending debate over what is “cool.” For Neanderthal Cavey McBludgeoner, these discussions would center around loincloth length, degree of hairiness on potential Mrs. McBludgeoners, and whose cave art gallery was most progressive. For me, “cool” is all about those folks who are trying their best to do the things they love to do, share that with their fellow cavepeople when they can, and generally go about with the Golden Rule in their back pocket.

It’s a real pleasure to meet up with an actual real cool person when you can, and I did this past summer when I attended the Los Angeles premiere of Geoff Edgers' “Do It Again” movie. As it turned out, The Mighty Manfred – the lead singer in the SMOKIN’ HOT garage/soul band The Woggles and SIRIUS XM Underground Garage DJ – was also there, and also happened to be a friend of my close homies, Todd and Caz. Introductions ensued, and Manfred and I chatted about the Kinks and music and food trucks most enjoyably. His gracious manner and enthusiasm that I have enjoyed daily on SIRIUS XM was delightfully present in-person.

Manfred is so ridiculously gracious that he agreed to answer ten questions from me for Popthomology, even as he’s off to the East Coast for a 4-show Woggles tour, which I totally implore you to attend if you at all can. They are so much fun that you might actually be able to absorb an entire year's FDA-recommended amount of fun in your cells if you go, which would totally please your doctor at your next check-up.

Let’s go!

1. What’s worse: a lousy backstage meal or a lousy backstage toilet? Examples, please.

Manfred: Toilet. Poor nourishment can be quickly rectified with a substitute soon after the gig, but the exit of utilized food stuffs, well that's a very delicate time, a moment to reflect, a pause that refreshes body and soul. Not properly conducted, a constitution can be wrecked. The Chukker in Tuscaloosa, AL (RIP) was the worst toilet in the US. Far more grisly than CBGB's more renown one. Years ago, our guitar played at the time, the Mighty Montague, sought to heed nature's summons, by executing the second of two such functions and knowing the dismal state of the Chukker's male rest room, asked our other guitar player at the time, Zorko, to keep an eye on the Women's room door, while he made use of the ladies stall. Zorko, true to his word, kept his eye on it, but failed to alert the young gal entering that Montague was seated on the very porcelain seat that she wished to perch upon. Even sadder was that this same lass was one that Montague had been chatting up all night. Oh well . . .
2. Say you are talking to someone new about music and he or she professes undying love for a certain group and, cringing, you think, “Nice person, but…DEALBREAKER.” What’s the band or bands?

Manfred: There is never a dealbreaker, if they are at least willing to go to a Woggles show. I can only point the way. Lead to the water. And if they refuse to take sustenance, well, I've done my part and know the broad and well-worn path they choose instead leads to that little room in hell.
3. How did you end up with the world’s two coolest jobs: lead singer in a cool band AND DJ on a cool radio station?

Manfred: I count my blessings daily. In my instance, Little Steven was looking for DJs and he is a big fan of the band, so those two things came together. For the Woggles, it's a very rare perfect storm.
4. Is it possible to non-ironically perform “I’m Not Like Everybody Else” with thousands of people singing along with you?

Manfred: Of course it is, because unlike those other 3,999 people, I’m not like everybody else! 

5. Is garage rock the true essence, and therefore the pinnacle, of rock n’ roll? (Hint: THE ANSWER IS YES.)

Manfred: Is it the TRUE essence, the pinnacle of rock and roll? I can't speak for others, but I do love the view from this peak!    

6. If you were also in another band, how would it differ from the Woggles?

Manfred: Hmm, well for the most part the Woggles cover musical ground that I really love, revved up blues. r&b, soul, instru, rock and roll, garage rock, Brit invasion,  etc. etc. So if this other band were really covering the same sort of territory, then only the name would be different. If however, I suddenly found myself needing to explore my proto techno alter ego then I suppose that would be another matter...

7. What’s a song you think I should know, but probably don’t?

Manfred: I wouldn't assume that you don't know any great song, but I would like to remind you about the Kittens, a Chicago area girl group that recorded for several labels in the 60s, before eventually landing on Chess, but an ABC-Paramount release of theirs is just MASSIVE- "We Find Him Guilty!"

8. What keeps the Woggles in good working order?

Manfred: Regular beatings . . .

9. What would make up your “best day ever?”

Manfred: Gosh, why I don't know? As opposed to one "best day ever" I'd rather have a slew of days where I got to do the things I like and that includes playing/performing music that I love, spending time with family and friends, while somehow making a living too!    
10.Why should people come to a Woggles show?

Manfred: Meredith Ochs at NPR once said that "Go see a Woggles show. It will change your life,” and I thought to myself, "Why yes, I believe that's true!"

The Woggles "Ragged But Right"

The Woggles are playing some great clubs the next four days, so put on your dancin’ shoes and enjoy the cool! If you are a McBludgeoner (ID required), I think you get a buck off on PBR’s.

Thanks, Manfred!

Oct. 13 Wed.          The Black Cat, Washington DC
Oct. 14 Thu.           Cafe 9, New Haven CT
Oct. 15 Fri.             The Bell House, Brooklyn NY w/ Southern Culture On The Skids
Oct. 16 Sat.            Maxwell's, Hoboken NJ w/ Southern Culture On The Skids